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Whats new [Dec. 8th, 2007|11:43 am]
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Stole this from scar3crow, go to the wikipedia main page and click random article 15 times. Write down what you get.

  1. Malm (Parody) - Eh?
  2. Torno (Italy) - italy, should be fun
  3. Corrado Guzzanti - Nice name
  4. Martin Jud - Another italian guy...
  5. ZK - How about ZB (zelda bandits) >:D
  6. IMx (album) - A rap album, interesting
  7. Die Blitzkinder - Good name for an album or song
  8. The Storr - a rocky hill ! FUN!
  9. Oberasbach - district in Germany?
  10. IAI Heron - A type of plane, sounds fun
  11. Freud's seduction theory - LOL. Nice.
  12. Gq alpha subunit - Sounds pretty sweet, apparently its a protein subunit.
  13. Suspiria (darkwell album) - Darkwell eh? may have to check them out... sounds interesting
  14. Wilder Napalm - A romantic comedy. Ew
  15. Fayetteville Patriots - cool they're in my state.
ok to the real entry. nothing too new really, yesterday was pretty fun, hung out with michael, wes, jersey, and alex. Rock Band is pretty awesome, although I think I like guitar hero more. its just so more addicting and the songs are better. drums gets monotonous after awhile. about girls, i don't really give a shit anymore. apparently i dont have what it takes, from how i see it.  been feeling pretty shitty.  I've had some weird feelings lately.  Don't know quite what it is, can't really describe it.  Maybe loneliness?  oh well.

Gaming-wise, I haven't been playing too much.  been listening to music all the time.  Unreal Tournament 3 is damn good, much better than I thought.  The only annoying thing is that I can sense the consoleness in it.  Even though its the PC version, the console elements always sneak in.  The menus are kind of a pain to navigate, seems like a console was meant for them.  This time the campaign is more heavy story-wise, with cinematics thrown in.  Of course the story is for it to appeal to the new generation of console gamers.  For some reason the cinematics don't have sound.  Ah well, story doesn't make much of a difference if you ask me.

yep must post something about the music. Don't like it ? too bad. So i've gotten 2 more Burzum albums, Hlidskalf, and their (or his, rather) first s/t album. Hlidskalf is all ambient with no vocals, since Varg created it with a keyboard while in prison. Nonetheless its damn good. Varg's first album is very good.  it's black metal with an atmospheric touch.  Varg's vocals are unlike any I've heard before, sounds like he's being severely tortured, or extremely pissed off.  They're very powerful and forceful.  All of the songs are excellent. Ea Lord of the Depths, Spell of Destruction, War, My Journey to the Stars, Stemmen Fra Taarnet, are my choice favorites.

Virgin Black is excellent too. Elegant...And Dying, Sombre Romantic, and Mezzo Forte are all masterpieces. I could sit there and listen to just them and be fully entertained, such beautiful music. Seriously. Listen to them. They're Gothic/Avantgarde Metal. They use operatic male/female vocals with some orchestra stuff that is actually good instead of just sounding lame when used in shit like Dimmu Borgir. They can't be compared to any other band, their sound is unique, incredibly melancholic, depressing, and doomy. Every one of the solos is filled with emotion and beauty. I can't really describe exactly how they sound, just check them out.

The new Behemoth album, The Apostasy owns all. Might be better than Demigod, but I haven't really listened to Demigod in depth, just a few of the songs.  I also downloaded a ton of other stuff like Immolation, Mortification (christian death metal - FUN), The Faceless, Deeds of Flesh, and others  i'm sure.  Haven't taken the time to listen to the albums fully, but they're all good.  Especially Mortification, some of the best riffs I've heard combined with good lyrics, snippets taken from the bible and roared.  Works better than you may think actually.

Thats about it for now.  Maybe another update from my glorious self in a month or so. ;D

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been a while [Oct. 27th, 2007|06:39 pm]
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Yeah, I've been lazy on the updates.  Since school started I haven't really had time...  But now I'm pretty bored so I'll make one.  Yeah school pretty much sucks as usual.  No point to it.  Just rote memory, learn things you'll forget in a year anyway.  Nothing requires true intelligence, its all memorization.  Except maybe math. 

Haven't been playing many games at all now.  As I said before the multiplayer quake scene sucks, and most modern games suck also.  Still don't get the hype of 360 and Halo.  Not too much fun being unable to aim correctly IMO.  Halo isn't that good of a game at all anyway.  It has fun elements, but still pales in comparison to greats like quake, unreal tournament, etc.  Speaking of which the Unreal Tournament 3 beta demo is loads of fun.  Reminds me of UT99 which is excellent.  Games like quake with fast action and visceral combat physics offer much more fun to me.  Halo jumping feels like reversing gravity for a little bit.  Not like true jumping.  I would state tons of reasons why I find halo to be no good, but i'd be bitched at and I'm lazy ;P  Quake does get me in a great mood though, much more than any other game.

I've also been hanging out with friends alot more and I must say it is loads more fun than playing video games.  I haven't been in a truely good mood in a while.  I feel like I need something more, like maybe a girlfriend.  It seems to me that only the good looking guys with huge ass muscles get the girls.  But I won't give up, I'm the king of course.  Sorry if I have to look like a damn god.

as usual I must include something about music.  I've been addicted to Opeth and theyve been my favorite band for a while now.  Nothing beats them.  They combine so many music styles into a perfect combination.  Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Death metal, even a ilttle funk.  So many emotions are displayed.  Anger, sorrow, depression, happiness, joy, etc are revealed through their ingenious song compositions and music.  At first I never liked Opeth.  I first bought Ghost Reveries and I thought it was trash so I sold it.  What a bad decision.  I downloaded Morningrise and I was amazed at the beautiful melodies and talented musicians.  I then downloaded Orchid and discovered how much of a masterpiece it was.  "In Mist She Was Standing" hit me like a freight train, the intertwining lead and rhythm guitars going at in one of the most beautiful riffs I've heard.  It went from there, I downloaded more of their albums and began to love opeth.  Bands like Slayer seem insignificant and a waste compared to Opeth or any others.  Yeah, that probably sounded a bit nerdy, but you'll learn to love it.
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(no subject) [Aug. 5th, 2007|11:18 pm]
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Lately I've been working on my map, and also playing quake online more often. 

I just realized how sad the online quake scene is.  CA is terrible, although less terrible with custom maps (dredd.quakeone.com), else theyll just play DM3 constantly.  DM sucks, they will NOT play anything other than DM3, although i've been able to get in some ultraV matches and some aerowalk games.  They won't even 2v2 on DM6 or ztndm3, or any other map that I try to vote.   They just say dumb things like "Monster, this is the only TG map", etc.  Runequake actually has different maps, but the mod sucks.  CTF is somewhat fun.  It is just really annoying when you are about to kill someone, and then they bunnyhop away with the hook.   People like frenzy ruin it that way...  I wonder how a game without hook (or a slower hook) and with runes would go. 

 I wish people would play on Whitehot more often.  That was a lot of fun while it lasted.  I should play on the EuroQuake server more.  They play plain DM on different maps.  In the same cycle, but at least their different.  And the euroquaker's aren't hesitant to try a different map.  The only downside is the 100 ping.  Although not really bad, its hard to get used to and avoid being killed constantly. 

The frogbots simulate a teamgame very well and are also excellent in 1on1.  The air control is just incredible though.  One time on e1m2, I shot one and he literally spun around the YA in a circle and landed straight on it.  I'll probably just play with bots from now on.  Usually they are more fun than real players anyway.   Frikbots are great for FFA and fun to have a huge map-cycle going through (180 custom maps).

Mapping has been going well I guess.  I'm kinda stuck on one area however.  I'm not sure whether to curve the railings around the curve in the balcony, or just leave it open.  The curved railings would look great, but take away from being able to easily jump down instead of going all the way around down the stairs.

I can't wait until I get to making graveyard.   That should be fun.

I also have been downloading DS games off of torrent files and loading them on my R4.  Its pretty fun, but I just keep going back to quake over and over...

In other news, I am dreading school.  Summer has gone by so fast and I haven't really done anything besides sit around in home and play games.  I keep having terrible dreams of going back to that wretched place.  It is an awesome feeling though when you wake up and think, "thank god, Its the summer"...
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mapping and stuff [Jul. 30th, 2007|06:44 pm]
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Lately I've been working on my quake map some more, and I've almost finished up the "cathedral room".  I'm trying to make this map seem like a demonic-type castle.  I just need to add in some monsters teleporting in when the player pushes the two buttons to raise the silver key up from an altar.  The silver key room will probably start out as some type of dining room.  I want it to seem like a real castle, that has been taken over from the forces of hell.  The player will have to travel through lots of passages to enter a graveyard area where the gold key will be hidden in a mausoleum.  When the player takes the gold key in the mausoleum, hordes of zombies will rise up from the graves.  A grenade launcher will also teleport in, so the player will actually take damage from the zombies before blasting them all away.  I don't have an idea for the gold key room yet...

I also figured out how to make curved arches in my cathedral room.. they spice it up alot.. maybe i'll add a chandelier of some sort...

I've been fragging some frikbots also and I will probably start on the Zerstorer waypoints given I can find the source.  I also found a couple of  neat maps (one without an RL, which is unique), and one that is just a huge library.  Recently, I've taken a liking to maps without an RL/Shaft.  The nailguns are suprisingly fun, and it also helps your aim with them.  My SG aim has improved so much since I've been playing against the frikbots.  I no longer miss that much online anymore...

It depresses me how people won't play custom maps.  or any map besides DM3 for that matter.  I like playing on the Euroquake server, because they actually play on different levels, which makes it alot of fun.  I get 100 ping, but it isn't too bad.  The fun well makes up for it.

I was also looking forward to Sunday CTF, but with Frenzy there it wasn't much fun.  That and I got pissed off because every time I got an RL and a Red armor, someone would come along with quad and annihilate me instantly.  I'm starting to think that the quad there is maybe 5x damage instead of 4x.  I get hit with the shaft twice with 100H and 200RA and I die.   Thats annoying. 

I might go to a mountain bike trail this week sometime... it should be fun, although I haven't gone mTB'ing in awhile since the local trail was destroyed due to construction :( 
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frogbot fraggage and ezquake nightmares [Jul. 28th, 2007|11:27 pm]
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Just played a game with a skill 9 frogbot on Hatebreeder by Qurnel.  Great fun, even though I lost 38 to 13. (dmm1 rules, timelimit 15)  Mostly it was because I didn't know the map at all and he nailed me with the shaft a couple times.  Only on specific levels is their air control really noticable.

EZQuake is a pain in the ass.  When I first loaded it up, I found some *sarcasm* lovely new textures and models */sarcasm*.  I had no idea where these came from, so I had to look around in my quake folder for a while until I found a folder called /qw.  In there were textures, models, and equally ugly HUD elements.  No clue how those got there, probably some dumb server I connected to made me auto-download them.  Now that that was over, I had tons of other crap to deal with.  EZQuake came stocked with a hideous skybox in the pak0.pak.  Really stupid, and theres no way to disable it without looking up a console command.  Or you can toggle the even uglier sky with "Simple Sky".  In that same /qw folder were some .lits, which I think make the map look really ugly, and the skybox called "bloody-marvelous".  So, I deleted those and loaded up again.

 This time the Frogbots didn't have the right colors on their pants and shirt. So i switched it to GFX " Eyecandy".  Now the frogbots had the right colors, but the rocket trails and explosions weren't right.  There wasn't an option to set the  trails/explosions to stock ID, so I set it to the ones Darkplaces uses.  Now all was fine, until I noticed a really bright flash from the rocket exploding.  This wasn't the cause of dynamic lighting (which I disabled), and I still don't know how to get rid of that flash.  Now i am using the "Big Explosion" rocket blast which is way too big and can get in the way of your view.  There were lots of other annoying things I had to disable too, but I would be writing forever if I noted all of those.

If any QW'ers out there can help me with this EZQuake nightmare, please do. 

...Now back to fragging some frogbots!
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my first entry [Jul. 28th, 2007|10:34 pm]
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So I've decided to make a livejournal... Woot ?  Myspace is getting annoying.  I'm tired of all the stupid crap on there.  I would just delete it, but then people would freak out and say things like 'OMG U NEED A MYSPACE'.  This seems like a more formal place to 'blog'...   I guess I'm not going to be writing too much, since its the summer and all I do is play Quake. 

Today I decided to 1on1 the Frogbots again with Trinca's qwprogs.  Their AI is great (they'll do prediction shots, and outsmart you fairly well), but, like all bots, there are drawbacks...
  1.     Their air control is too extreme, I'll bounce them with a rocket and they'll land exactly on the item they want
  2.     You really can't use lower skill levels.  All they do is just not shoot when they see you.  They aim very erratically in the wrong direction, which most normal humans wouldn't do.
  3. There shaft aim is extreme. Really extreme.  They rarely miss on skill 10.  Thats annoying when you get the upper hand, and they whip out a shaft and kill you.
Anyway, those were just my thoughts on frogbots.  They also act kinda dumb in FFA.. Frikbots work much better for that.

music-wise, I've been getting into Darkthrone a lot.  Transilvanian Hunger and Under a Funeral Moon are masterpieces.  Along with A Blaze in the Northern Sky, although that is more death metal influenced.  Maybe I'll post some CD reviews here if I get really bored...

Yes, my profile is very ugly right now.  I can't find any decent 'layouts', so I just shoved some colors in there. 
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