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Lately I've been working on my map, and also playing quake online… - monster's ramblings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 5th, 2007|11:18 pm]
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Lately I've been working on my map, and also playing quake online more often. 

I just realized how sad the online quake scene is.  CA is terrible, although less terrible with custom maps (dredd.quakeone.com), else theyll just play DM3 constantly.  DM sucks, they will NOT play anything other than DM3, although i've been able to get in some ultraV matches and some aerowalk games.  They won't even 2v2 on DM6 or ztndm3, or any other map that I try to vote.   They just say dumb things like "Monster, this is the only TG map", etc.  Runequake actually has different maps, but the mod sucks.  CTF is somewhat fun.  It is just really annoying when you are about to kill someone, and then they bunnyhop away with the hook.   People like frenzy ruin it that way...  I wonder how a game without hook (or a slower hook) and with runes would go. 

 I wish people would play on Whitehot more often.  That was a lot of fun while it lasted.  I should play on the EuroQuake server more.  They play plain DM on different maps.  In the same cycle, but at least their different.  And the euroquaker's aren't hesitant to try a different map.  The only downside is the 100 ping.  Although not really bad, its hard to get used to and avoid being killed constantly. 

The frogbots simulate a teamgame very well and are also excellent in 1on1.  The air control is just incredible though.  One time on e1m2, I shot one and he literally spun around the YA in a circle and landed straight on it.  I'll probably just play with bots from now on.  Usually they are more fun than real players anyway.   Frikbots are great for FFA and fun to have a huge map-cycle going through (180 custom maps).

Mapping has been going well I guess.  I'm kinda stuck on one area however.  I'm not sure whether to curve the railings around the curve in the balcony, or just leave it open.  The curved railings would look great, but take away from being able to easily jump down instead of going all the way around down the stairs.

I can't wait until I get to making graveyard.   That should be fun.

I also have been downloading DS games off of torrent files and loading them on my R4.  Its pretty fun, but I just keep going back to quake over and over...

In other news, I am dreading school.  Summer has gone by so fast and I haven't really done anything besides sit around in home and play games.  I keep having terrible dreams of going back to that wretched place.  It is an awesome feeling though when you wake up and think, "thank god, Its the summer"...