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frogbot fraggage and ezquake nightmares [Jul. 28th, 2007|11:27 pm]
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Just played a game with a skill 9 frogbot on Hatebreeder by Qurnel.  Great fun, even though I lost 38 to 13. (dmm1 rules, timelimit 15)  Mostly it was because I didn't know the map at all and he nailed me with the shaft a couple times.  Only on specific levels is their air control really noticable.

EZQuake is a pain in the ass.  When I first loaded it up, I found some *sarcasm* lovely new textures and models */sarcasm*.  I had no idea where these came from, so I had to look around in my quake folder for a while until I found a folder called /qw.  In there were textures, models, and equally ugly HUD elements.  No clue how those got there, probably some dumb server I connected to made me auto-download them.  Now that that was over, I had tons of other crap to deal with.  EZQuake came stocked with a hideous skybox in the pak0.pak.  Really stupid, and theres no way to disable it without looking up a console command.  Or you can toggle the even uglier sky with "Simple Sky".  In that same /qw folder were some .lits, which I think make the map look really ugly, and the skybox called "bloody-marvelous".  So, I deleted those and loaded up again.

 This time the Frogbots didn't have the right colors on their pants and shirt. So i switched it to GFX " Eyecandy".  Now the frogbots had the right colors, but the rocket trails and explosions weren't right.  There wasn't an option to set the  trails/explosions to stock ID, so I set it to the ones Darkplaces uses.  Now all was fine, until I noticed a really bright flash from the rocket exploding.  This wasn't the cause of dynamic lighting (which I disabled), and I still don't know how to get rid of that flash.  Now i am using the "Big Explosion" rocket blast which is way too big and can get in the way of your view.  There were lots of other annoying things I had to disable too, but I would be writing forever if I noted all of those.

If any QW'ers out there can help me with this EZQuake nightmare, please do. 

...Now back to fragging some frogbots!