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monster's ramblings

I'm a lowly high schooler who likes good First-Person shooters (Quake, Doom, etc) and good music. Metal is my main interest, I also like some classic rock and some jazz stuff. I do not like consoles because the games simply aren't good. Games like Halo fail in my opinion. I hope one day to be some sort of programmer or someone in the game development branch. I guess you could call me a loner. I'm not a people-person, I enjoy chatting online rather than on the phone or in person.
1349, aborted, agalloch, agathodaimon, amorphis, anaal nathrakh, anata, anorexia nervosa, anthrax, arsis, at the gates, autopsy, bathory, behemoth, bela fleck/flecktones, believe, biking, bittorrent, black sabbath, blind guardian, bloodbath, bolt thrower, burn the priest, candlemass, cannibal corpse, carcass, cathedral, children of bodom, chimaira, computers, cradle of filth, cryptopsy, cynic, dark angel, dark tranquility, darkthrone, death, death angel, decapitated, deep purple, deicide, deus ex, devourment, dimmu borgir, dio, disciple, dissection, doom, dragonforce, dying fetus, emperor, exhumed, exodus, extol, finntroll, forests, frikbot, frogbot, fuck... i'm dead, game mods, god, god dethroned, god forbid, gordian knot, gorgoroth, gorguts, grave, hardware, hate eternal, hatebreed, helloween, high on fire, hollenthon, hypocrisy, iced earth, immortal, in flames, iron maiden, italian food, jethro tull, judas priest, kalmah, kataklysm, killswitch engage, king diamond, kreator, lamb of god, led zeppelin, manowar, marduk, mastodon, mayhem, megadeth, mercyful fate, meshuggah, metal, metal church, metallica, morbid angel, morgion, mp3s, music, naglfar, nature, necrophagist, nevermore, nightmare, nile, novembers doom, obituary, old mans child, opeth, overkill, pantera, possessed, primordial, quake, satyricon, savage circus, savatage, sepultura, severe torture, shade empire, shadows fall, slayer, sodom, sonata arctica, spiral architect, sting, suffocation, testament, the catholic church, theory in practice, thergothon, thyrfing, tristania, trivium, unreal, unreal tournament, vader, venom, vesania, victor wooten, vile, vital remains, yes, yngwie malmsteen.